Tools and apps to help you stay connected with clients.

As technology continues to become more portable and easier to use, there are a lot of practical applications for a variety of new ways to communicate and keep your day organized. This is a huge benefit, especially for real estate professionals by allowing a much more effective way to stay in touch with their clients and keep track of and allow the scheduling of more appointments.

One – stop communication

One of the biggest communication tools out there right now is Slack, which many business and corporations have switched over to for team and internal communications; as it allows for users to communicate and keep all communication in one place, rather than spreading the information across several channels like email, texts, and phone calls. Agents may also want to communicate with clients through a tool like slack, as it ensures that all information communicated is in one, easy to access place.

Tracking appointments

While slack offers an amazing avenue to keep track off all communication, other tools are needed to keep track of meetings and appointments. For this a tool such as Evernote or OmniFocus, which allow users to set reminders and keep all appointments and meetings in one app/tool that is easy to use. Once in the habit of entering this information on a regular basis, these tools become indispensable for agents.

Many of these apps/tools, including Evernote, will allow agents to digitize documents they may encounter during the sale process. Others, like HelloSign even allows the ability to electronically sign documents and integrates with Evernote to provide synergy and an overall ease of use.


In every business automation can help achieve various business goals with more ease, if it is done correctly. According to Adwerx if automation is done correctly it can quickly pay off for agents very quickly. Automation could be in the form of workflows to ensure agents see emails and communication, or automated reminders and marketing emails, but either will allow agents to be more focused on their customers.

In general, it is always a great idea for agents to keep their eyes out for new apps and tools that may help streamline business and daily meetings/tasks. Fortunately, more apps, software, and tools continue to be developed all the time, so there is always a strong option to help automate and streamline appointments and communication with customers.

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