Sell More When You Sell “Results”!

During many training seminars we have all heard about Features and Benefits and how they work when your in sales. Today with Eileen Shenker of Succcess Seminars, we learned of an alternative way of thinking. Replace “features” with Facts and “benefits” with Results.

When we approach customers often times we approach them with facts first when we may be better suited to lead with results. A fact is usually information on what we have or who we are. Such as, “I am the best realtor because I have been in the business for 20 years” or “I have these wonderful marketing materials that look beautiful and will cost you nothing”. The customer often hears this same pitch from someone else and may think “okay, so has the guy I just met with before you” AND? When you lead with the Result, the result is a tangible effect such as how will the customer benefit by working with you. When leading with results we show the customer what they will get by utilizing our services. Whether that result will be more money in their pocket or less time on the market, by leading each prospect with a result we are more likely to close the transaction and get the deal (or listing) with that customer. The facts will all become obvious to the customer by your actions but the results are what lead you to winning the sale and beating out your competition. Leading with facts first is like only having the peanut butter and no jelly (the results), it is a bit hard to swallow and can be a turn off preventing you from winning the sale!