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             Title Security Agency is a company founded on innovation and one that embraces entrepreneurial endeavors. To that vein, Title Security Agency is committed to providing continuing real estate education classes in Tucson.  Our goal is to be a go to source for anyone, in Tucson and beyond, seeking CE credits for real estate license renewal. When looking for educational opportunities, check out our real estate education classes located on our calendar here.  Our focus has always been to provide the Tucson real estate community with practical knowledge as well sound technical information, necessary for successful real estate transactions.  Real Estate Education is paramount to the success of each party involved in the closing process. Every month we hold educational classes for our staff and encourage our team members to seek learning opportunities within the community.  Title Security is dedicated to providing venues that allow for consistent continuing education.

               Whether you have 2 or 22 years of real estate experience, the main purpose of real estate education is to ensure that you remain familiar with the changes that are always impacting our business.  The knowledge we can glean from others in the business as well as the situations we encounter every day are invaluable.  The continued growth and success of our businesses as well as the personal growth received through continuing real estate education may sometimes be overlooked but are none the less extremely valuable to each and every one of us.

               Every month Title Security Agency hosts the C. David McVay Schools in our training room located at our main office on Tanque Verde.  Over the past few decades, David McVay has been there to guide and educate real estate professionals.   He spends many hours pouring over current data and information on the industry and stays current on changes so that he can convey these changes during his seminars.  His humor only adds to the information you receive and allows each participant a moment to laugh at situations they themselves have probably encountered at some time during their tenure in the real estate business.

               The real estate finance industry is constantly changing.  The credit class or real estate finance class always contains current information.  These two classes offer many suggestions for solving credit and finance issues.  Investors are making their way back into the market and the finance class as well as credit class will help to load your investor tool box with ideas on how to help your investor with their lending and credit issues.  Speaking of investors another class that is offered each month through the TSA monthly education is the 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange class.

               The 1031 Exchange class is valuable to the Realtor® that wants to assist their investor clients in maximizing their returns on each investment property.  Whether an investor is looking to sell now or in the future the information obtained in the class is invaluable.    More investors are returning to the marketplace and getting the latest information relating to this subject will only enhance your business.

               As you can see Title Security Agency remains committed to your professional growth and success.  Find a class that works for you, visit our class calendar today! Remember, Title Security Agency is your partner when it comes to Tucson Real Estate Education.

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