Escrow Tip: What is the time table for Payoff of Seller’s Loan?

What is the time table for Payoff of Seller’s Loan?

Remember that Seller’s loan is not paid off the same day as their signing. As a rule of thumb your Escrow Officer will collect 5 extra days of interest, to account for the time between signing and the payoff, which occurs after the buyer’s lender funds. After the buyer’s lender funds, we can record. It is after recordation that we can send the seller’s payoff. If extra interest has been collected that is not needed for the payoff, it will be refunded by the seller’s lender thru the refund of their impound account.

An Example:
Seller signs on Monday November 4th and interest is collected thru Friday the 8th. Buyer’s loan funds on afternoon of Thursday 7th and the transaction records on Thursday at 4pm, which is past the wire cutoff time of 2pm. Seller’s payoff wire would go Friday Nov 8th.

For FHA loans the interest is collected for each month up front and is not calculated in days.
Keep that in mind, if the calendar month advances between seller’s signing and recordation.

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