A part of our title operation is to provide direct title order products to various entities. Often times an entity may not necessarily require the assistance of our escrow operation but will require title insurance or searches to aid in the completion of their work. Below are some examples of work we often perform for other parties within the community.
For our attorney clients we offer:

  • Trustee Sale Guarantees
  • Bankruptcy verifications
  • Litigation Guarantees
  • Condition of Title Reports
For lender clients we offer:

  • Direct Title order loan commitments and policies
  • Reports for loan modifications
For builder clients we offer:

  • Reports for AZ Dept. of Real Estate
For governmental agencies we offer:

  • Condemnation reports
  • Litigation guarantees
For engineers we offer:

  • Status reports for completing surveys

For More Information Contact:
Jeff Malone, Chief Title OfficerTom Bagnall, Title Manager
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Fax: (520) 202-6302Fax: (520) 202-6329


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