Sales Team

Tricia Hooper

Account Manager, Business Development
Phone: (520) 260-2971

Jessica Alvarez

Account Manager, East/Central
Phone: (520) 609-6915

Andee Anthony

Account Manager, Central
Phone: (520) 404-7588

Darrel Delperdang

Commercial Business Development
Phone: (520) 906-7891

Lisa Erickson

Senior Account Manager, Foothills
Phone: (520) 909-4022

Erin Fitzgerald

Senior Account Manager, Northwest
Phone: (520) 203-3444

Rachel Flint

Account Manager, Northwest
Phone: (520) 906-0536

Laurie Stuckey - Title Security Account Manager

Laurie Stuckey

Account Manager, Green Valley
Phone: (520) 305-6071

Erica Ybarra - Title Security
Erica Ybarra

Account Manager, Casa Grande
Phone: (520) 840-8587


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